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With the addition of a waistcoat, the three-piece suit becomes a versatile addition for formal events. Crafted from the finest fabrics and silks from Britain and Italy’s most proficient cloth houses.

Premium Fabric

Your choice of fabric can be as playful or as solemn as you like to compliment the event in which it will be worn.​

Side Adjusters

Side adjusters / options for braces will elevate your bespoke three piece suit trouser. Which will provide a more refined finish. Our functioning side adjusters or braced option trousers come in handy for times when you may have overindulged at an event.​

Inside Lining

Why not select from our premium list of finest silks or 100% cotton for your bespoke jacket, bespoke waistcoat or bespoke trouser lining.​


“I go all out to ensure my clients are provided with the very best one to one personalised experience.”

Yemi – KOAT Creative Director

Your time is valuable. This is why we will come to you with our Mobile Tailoring Service.