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Our made to measure garments are customized for you and crafted to your body specifications. With thousands of fabrics from the world’s best fabric houses, we provide countless customisation options. We are able to craft a unique garment that will fit you like no other.


Step 1

The process begins with a consultation. We will discuss the occasion for the garment, the season in which the garment is to be worn, as this will determine the type of fabric that is chosen. At this stage you will state whether it is a 3 piece, 2 piece, overcoat, topcoat or separate jacket/blazer or trouser you desire.

Step 2

You will then look through our extensive fabric range from some of the best British and Italian cloth houses. Once a fabric is chosen - we will then decide on the type of buttons to be used. For bespoke, you will have your pick from a selection of horn or bone buttons of varying shapes, sizes and colours. There are also options for metal buttons, crested buttons, gold, silver or bronze buttons depending on what is being designed.

Step 3

After this, your measurement and body shape will be carefully and expertly recorded and the consultation process will be wrapped up.

Step 4

The actual hand making process will then begin. I will use your measurements to draft patterns of your garment on paper and then on to calico. The calico pieces will be assembled and then you will be brought back for a fitting to ensure that the fit is perfect (this can be considered to be a skeletal fitting). If any alterations are needed this will be done on the calico and adjusted on the paper pattern.

Step 5

The pattern will then be put on your fabric of choice and all the separate pieces precisely hand-cut ensuring that all stripes/patterns etc on the fabric are perfectly matched. A canvas chest piece will be hand constructed and moulded and fitted into the basted garment. The pieces are then basted together by hand with one sleeve attached for a jacket. A canvas waistband will be basted into trousers. We will see each other again to have a fitting with the basted garment. Any adjustments will be made to make sure that the garment is perfectly fitted to your body.

Step 6

I will then remove the basting thread and stitch the garment together, attaching sleeves, pockets, lapels, lining, shoulder pads, collar. Your garment will receive the final hand sewn finishings such as top stitching. Button holes will be hand crafted, and stalk buttons will be hand attached using your pre-chosen buttons. You will then have a final fitting with your garment, if alterations need to be made this will be recorded and done on the garment.

Step 7

In the final part of the process, your garment will be sent to our specialist pressers where it will be skillfully shaped and moulded to fit perfectly on your body. Your masterpiece is now ready to be handed over to you - for you to have a lifetime of enjoyment wearing.



Choose from an extensive selection of high quality linings and expertly woven fabrics



Whether you’re a bright and charismatic, or savvy yet playful individual, we’ll ensure your inside lining reflects this.



Side adjusters / options will elevate your bespoke suit and provide a more refined finish. ​



With our custom made shirts – fit will not be a problem – limiting yourself to one may be. SEE MORE



Too often a two piece suit can look great but is let down by its generic, soulless or unsuited buttons.



Get your clothing expertly handcrafted with all the personalised touches you desire.​

“I go all out to ensure my clients are provided with the very best one to one personalised experience.”

Yemi – KOAT Creative Director

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