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made to measure OVERCOAT, morning coat & Tailcoat

An overcoat is more than just a statement – it is also highly functional. During the colder months you might require a piece that can protect you from the cold and keep you dry. That’s what an overcoat does. Now throw in the benefit of having a truly custom fit and a range of beautiful cloths at your disposal and you have something that will make those colder months a lot more bearable.

High Quality

It’s not uncommon to find yourself wanting a made to measure overcoat, morning coat or tailcoat - but finding the right one could be a challenge. Our coats are second to none. Fully canvassed, your coat will stand the test of time.​

Bespoke Buttons

Too often a made to measure overcoat can look great but is let down by its generic, soulless or unsuited buttons. With our made to measure coats, everything, including the buttons, is hand-selected and serves to define the style & suit further.

Inside Lining

Why not select from our premium list of finest silks or 100% cotton for your made to measure overcoat or tailcoat lining. Whether you’re a bright and charismatic, or savvy yet playful individual, we’ll ensure your inside lining reflects this.

“I go all out to ensure my clients are provided with the very best one to one personalised experience.”

Yemi – KOAT Creative Director

Your time is valuable. This is why we will come to you with our Mobile Tailoring Service.