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Our Made to Measure Two Piece Suits offer you an optimum fit and comfort alongside the most stylish fabrics around. We also provide a range of custom finishings that can be added to your garment.


One of the issues that people on the hunt for an off the peg suit encounter, is that they are often faced with generic colours, cuts and styles that may not reflect their true sense of style and flair. Our made to measure two piece suit affords you the ability to showcase your creativity and design a garment that truly speaks for you.​

Bespoke Buttons

Too often a two piece suit can look great but is let down by its generic, soulless or unsuited buttons. With our bespoke two piece, everything, including the buttons, is hand-selected and serves to define the style & suit further.​


Often with an off the rack jacket you may like the shape, colour or fit but dislike the lapel. With our made to measure two piece suit you can design your lapel to your ideal specifications - you choose - notch, shawl or peak, slim or wide.​

“I go all out to ensure my clients are provided with the very best one to one personalised experience.”

Yemi – KOAT Creative Director

Your time is valuable. This is why we will come to you with our Mobile Tailoring Service.